LEED Green Home

LEED Green Home
View of Carport with Two Hotrods


Happy New Year: While I wish we had some visuals of the big completion, I don't. I think I just got too pooped with the big wrap up, the move and the baby on the way.

My mom moved in with us on January 13th and on January 22nd our second little boy, Marciano, was born. While designing and building our home was very exciting and something wonderful we were able to share with Gianluca, it was at times stressful. We know it wouldn't have been possible without God watching over us and help from our family. Thank you!
Week of December 12, 2007: It seems like it's all coming together. We are moving into the house in three days. We've been cleaning like crazy and I've been trying to pack up the stuff that we used since May-clothes, food and toys...
We got the ducts cleaned. The guys basically hook up a big vacumn to the duct, and close off all the vents. A big swirly brush goes zipping along inside and voila!

The glass railings are installed on the December 22nd just in time for Christamas Eve dinner and Santa's arrival.

Week of November 26, 2007: The stair has arrived! It's actually good that the stair didn't come. The paint would have been chipped and stratched within a day if all the contractors had been able to use it. And yes, the stair is green.

Week of Noverber 12, 2007: Appliances show up and luckily there is still a crane on site-because we don't have any stairs yet! All travel is up and down the ladders.

The delivery guys use these interesting straps that they attach to their shoulders and put under the heavy appliances like the fridge and like magic they can lift heavy things relatively easily.

The porcelain tile is being installed around the tubs and shower. It's a beautiful new design that comes in different patterns that resembles things like fabric and wood.