LEED Green Home

LEED Green Home
View of Carport with Two Hotrods


Week of July 15, 2007: Alphonso works late into (just about every) night working out details as needed, making orders, working with the bank....

Gianluca on the other hand takes a break at the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. http://www.chicagochildrensmuseum.org/

We've gotten an early addition to our family, Sandy, the Golden Retriever. She was Alphonso's Grandma's puppy before she passed away. Given that the dog had to stay in the family, my Father-in-Law, Al held onto her. Since we were now going to have a house with a yard instead of a two-bedroom condo in the city, we were going to keep her. We figure, why not get the party started early? She can come live with us at the "Pheasant House" until our "Steel and Glass House" is done. This way Sandy can spend 14 hours a day outside being the site watchdog. (She watches for fallen donuts, bagels, sub sandwiches, fries, popsicles...)

And then that brings us to our cat, Renzo. He has decided he will go on a hunger strike again. He refuses to eat anything more than once and it's only one bite...and then he throws up that one bite. He did this a few years back and we had to have a feeding tube installed in his neck. The chances of having a cat that needs a feeding tube again is slim to none. Unfortunately we got the cat with those slim to none chances. I brought him back to Dr. B at http://www.burnhamparkvet.com/. He saved his life once and we needed it again. So the tube went in. I fed and watered him through the tube and gave him pills through the tube. Then it's just a wait and see game. We waited for about 3 1/2 months before he decided he would eat on his own again.

I, on the other hand have no problem eating. Even though I'm nauseous, I love food.

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