LEED Green Home

LEED Green Home
View of Carport with Two Hotrods


Week of Septmber 4, 2007: Summer's over and it's Gianluca's first day of Preschool at the Bloomingdale Park District.

The roof materials have arrived and the white TPO (thermo plastic polyolefin) membrane has started to go on.

Inside, the spiral duct work is being installed. We will have radiant floor heating but we need the ducts for the air conditioning which we intend to use only occasionally. As with the concrete floor, many contractors are not used to having their product be a finished product; concrete usually gets a finished floor over it; ducts are usually hidden in the ceiling. Fortunatley, we have a good team that understands, "what you see is what you get". There is not a lot of redundancy in using additional finish materials to cover up the bones of the house.

Back outside, the furring strips are being put on the back of the house. All of these furring strips are located in line with the metal studs 18" o.c. The furring strips will allow the cedar siding to have an air space behind it reducing the chance of rot or mold.

The fireplace has arrived and is being installed. It is a completely sealed unit so that when it is in use, no air will escape from inside the home.

And the tubs have arrived...

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