LEED Green Home

LEED Green Home
View of Carport with Two Hotrods


Week of October 1, 2007: A lot has been started. The cedar siding is continuing to go up. Windows have arrived and are being installed. All the windows are Pella's Impervia windows which are made of a fiberglass composite. They're quite heavy and it takes a good four guys to carry them. Deliveries still need to be made to the second floor so one window will remain off until all the big items are inside.

Alphonso continues to plug away with the sidingwhich at times seams never-ending. From certain angles of light, the stainless steel channels glimmer and look beautiful.

Alphonso has one of his classes make a site visit. (He teaches both at Columbia College and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).) The tour coincides with the contractors installing the blown-in cellulose insulation (recycled newsprint) in the interior walls. Unlike the foam insulation in the exterior walls, the contractors shave the wall while installing this insulation.

Inside, wood framing at the jambs are being installed in preparation for the steel door jambs. We are using a product that will blend the gypsum wall seamlessley into the door jamb. This eliminates the need for door trim later.

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