LEED Green Home

LEED Green Home
View of Carport with Two Hotrods


Week of October 15, 2007: The roof top units have arrived and are being installed.

Since we won't have a crane or boom on site anymore and the weather will be getting colder soon, we get the concrete carport and driveway installed on a nice sunny morning.

Inside, we're heading down the finish line but there is still plenty of work to be done. Painting, cabinet installation, plumbing fixtures, bathroom tiles, lighting...

In my anxious state, I now turn to helping with the painting. The contractors have taped, sanded and primed. I jsut need to "dust" the walls and paint. We used a low voc paint and even to my hypersensitive state of smell right now, it was barely noticeable. My only problem with painting was getting up the ladder or scaffolding to the second floor because the stairs were still not installed.

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